An End User Focused Utility Marketplace

How can we create a great experience for users shopping for household appliances? How can we create a product that brings value to users, utilities, manufacturers and retailers alike? How can we help users make the right eco-conscious and wallet-friendly decisions while shopping for products?

These are some of the questions we set out to answer when designing and developing this utility marketplace. The solution we developed is a multisided platform that leverages AI-powered personalized energy and cost insights to help users make the choice that's right for them. I am the Product Manager for this solution and worked with our designers, developers, business development team, and executives to take this solution from ideation through product development to launch.

AI-Powered Call Center Solution

This call center solution helps customer service representatives rapidly answer customer queries about energy usage, billing, and communication they have received. Building on the work of prior product owners, I helped scale this solution to address multiple residential and commercial customer types and use cases.

Low fidelity wireframes I sketched for a feature that helps explain complex energy bills to Commercial customers

How SMB and Industrial Customers Engage With Their Energy Usage

Whether it's small and medium businesses (SMBs) or large industrial companies, compared to consumers, commercial customers can sometimes be an afterthought when it comes to engagement and CSAT related efforts. My aim as the Product Manager for Commercial Engagement was therefore to push for and develop unique features that would put the commercial customer's needs first. Based on user research and user testing, I worked cross-functionally to help standup these features along with an entire engagement solution for these customers.

High Performance Reinforcements

Before my foray into tech, I worked as a Research Engineer specializing in high performance materials, especially fiberglass. I helped formulate and manufacture products, worked with customers to ensure products were optimized for their processes, and collaborated with our manufacturing team to troubleshoot and improve production issues when they arose.